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Evansville Federal Credit Union (EFCU) is a full service financial institution, offering all the latest financial products and services for our members, plus great rates and friendly, helpful service.

Since 1961, EFCU has been offering superior financial services with a member-oriented focus. We are different from other financial institutions because we are a not-for-profit cooperative. We’re owned by and work for our members. Instead of maximizing profits for shareholders, we pass them on to our members in the form of high-yielding accounts and low-interest loans.

Our Mission Statement continues to be our goal and reads "Our credit union came into existence for the financial benefits of its members and we strive to provide the best financial services to meet our membership's needs through competitive rates and quality service."

To put it simply, as a member you matter. Evansville Federal Credit Union is committed to our member’s satisfaction, and will assist you in any way we can. Together, We'll Make It Happen!

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to all persons who:

  • Live, work, worship or attend school in, as well as businesses and other legal entities, located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana; Posey County, Indiana; Gibson County, Indiana; Warrick County, Indiana; Henderson County, Kentucky. 
  • Are members of this Credit Union as of April 19, 2002
  • Are spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union
  • Are members of the immediate family or household of an existing member or existing member of a qualifying community
  • Volunteer in the community

How do I become a member?

Apply Now or stop by any Evansville Federal Credit Union branch to open an account. The $5 minimum balance in your savings account, also called a "share account", enables you to vote for our board of directors. Please bring photo ID that has your current address with you when you open your account. Once you’ve opened your share account, you are a member of EFCU and can enjoy all of the benefits of membership!


EST. 1961

Evansville Federal Credit Union was founded on September 12, 1961. Since then, a lot has changed. In 1961, the average income was $5,315, the average price of a new home was $12, 500, and the average price of a new car was $2,850. And, gas was $0.27 a gallon. Yep, $0.27 a gallon!

One thing hasn’t changed since 1961 – our dedication to serving our members. For over 50 years, EFCU has been offering superior financial services with a member-oriented focus. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our member’s business and support, so thank you for choosing Evansville Federal Credit Union for your financial needs. We look forward to continued growth and future opportunities, as well as many more years of working hard to help our members reach their financial goals.

We'd like to recognize the founders of Evansville Federal Credit Union: Miller E. Daniel, Hiram B. Fortner, George V. Gauer, James V. Hary, Fred Jackson, John J. LaRoy, Charles L. Oxley, Jack Trainum, William B. Walters, Jr., and Edwin H. Williams. Thanks to the vision of these founders, the credit union is able to offer the products and services we do today. We'd also like to recognize all past and present employees, board members and volunteers - we thank you for your dedication to EFCU!

Evansville Federal Credit Union remains secure

Recent news reports have been focusing on economic woes, including recent bank failures. Because of those reports, we want to assure our membership that Evansville Federal Credit Union is financially strong and looking forward to continued growth and future opportunities.

Evansville Federal Credit Union remains a safe place to keep your hard-earned money. Capital, the money set aside in case of difficult times, is our safety net during turbulent financial markets. EFCU's capital is over nine percent of our assets. Our capital, in addition to solid business decisions and an ever growing membership keeps EFCU strong in challenging times.

Safeguarding your funds is very important to Evansville Federal Credit Union. Federally chartered credit unions have federal share insurance through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a government agency. The passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 will required the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to immediately increase share insurance protection to $250,000 on all types of accounts. For more information on share insurance, click here.

Because of these uncertain times in sectors of our industry, we want to be sure that our members are aware of the strength of the credit union and the safety of your funds. We encourage anyone who has questions about the strength of Evansville Federal Credit Union to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.