Fee Type Fee Amount
The information contained in this Fee Schedule is accurate as of 06/19 and is subject to change without notice. For current information, visit www.evansvillefcu.org or call us at 812.424.2621.
Account Research/Reconciliation $15.00/Hour
ATM Withdrawals First 10 per month free per account; $1.00 for each additional ATM withdrawal
Cash Advance - Debit or Credit $4.00
Cashier's Check $3.00
Check Clearings First 40 per month free per account; $0.10 for each additional check
Check Photocopy $3.00
Including Cashier's Check Copy and Money Order Copy. Members using EFCU's e-Banking can obtain check copies online at no charge.
Check Printing Fees Varies by design and quantity
The basic check design will be available at a discounted rate of $10.00 per box to members 55 and older; other check designs will be available at a discount of $10.00 off per box. First box of the basic check design free for Smart Start Checking (for members 13- 21).
Debit Card PIN Reset $2.00
Deposited Item Return Charge $10.00
Domestic Incoming/Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00
Dormant Account $5.00/month
e-Banking Free
e-Bill Pay Free
Foreign Outgoing Wire Transfer $40.00
Additional fees may be charged for foreign wires by the processing and receiving institutions.
International Check Fee Cost of Item
Money Order $2.00
Non-Member Check Cashing/Deposit Fee $10.00
Overdraft Courtesy Pay Fee $25.00
Overdraft Transfer $4.00
From regular share account/ line of credit (LOC)
Replacement Credit or Debit Card $5.00
Returned NSF $25.00
(Non-Sufficient Funds) Check, Debit Card or Electronic Overdraft
Starter/Temporary Checks Free
Eight starter/temporary checks at account opening or when ordering checks only
Statement Copy $2.00
Stop Payment $25.00 
Member Check or Electronic Withdrawal
Telephone Transfer Free
Undeliverable Mail $1.00/item 
Visa® Travel Card $4.00 initial card then $2.00 reload fee