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Movers Checklist

Whether you're moving one block away, or several states away, it takes a lot of time, patience, and above all, a sense of adventure. Use our Mover's Checklist to minimize the stress of moving!

checkmark To Do:
30 days before
  Determine what you are going to move and start getting rid of everything else.
  Decide what you'll pack yourself and what you'll have the movers pack.
  Notify the Post Office of your new address.
  Gather medical and dental records for all family members if you will need to change doctors
  Notify schools and arrange to have transcripts and records forwarded to new schools.
  If moving out of town, remember that once you're an EFCU member, you're always a member. Sign up for e-Banking and become familiar with over 3,500 fee-free ATMs available to you nationally through Alliance One. Click here to search for ATMs in your new area.
2 weeks before
  Start packing.
  Return borrowed items and reclaim items borrowed from you.
  Arrange disconnect/connect dates with local utilities.
  Start thinking about where you'll place your belongings in the new house, so you'll have a plan when the movers arrive.
1 week before
  Dismantle outdoor play equipment.
  If moving out of town, transfer items from your safe deposit account to take with you.
  Pack items you want to move yourself and label "Do not move"
1 day before
  Disconnect water lines, empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer, let the appliances air out for 24 hours.
  Finish packing personal items.
  Get a good night's sleep.
Moving Day
  Be present to answer movers questions
  Accompany movers throughout the house for an inventory of things to be moved.
  Confirm destination address with van operator. Also confirm time and date of delivery. Exchange cell phone numbers, just in case!
  Close all windows and turn out all lights.
  Lock all doors.
  Say goodbye to your house and get ready to create new memories at your new house!

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