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Home Buyers Checklist

Date checkmark To Do:
    Be an informed buyer and familiarize yourself with the mortgage process. Visit our Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions section to get started.
    Have a question about a real estate term? See our Glossary of Mortgage Terms.
    Be aware of your credit situation. Click here to get a copy of your credit report.
    Start the Mortgage process by getting pre-qualified or pre-approved with EFCU.
    When you find an acceptable house, write an offer. Your realtor should explain all of the details thoroughly.
    Negotiate the best deal using the information you have acquired.
    Apply for a mortgage loan from EFCU.
    Protect yourself with a Home Inspection.
    Learn about Home Warranties and what they protect.
    Compare and secure Homeowners insurance.
    Start making plans for your move. Click here to use EFCU's handy Mover's Checklist.
    Do a final walk through of the house.
    Final closing and settlement.
    Move into your new home and begin enjoying it!

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