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Visa® Protection

There is a special protection feature on EFCU's Visa® Credit Cards. FALCON is a fraud detection system that checks every authorization made on your card for the possibility that fraudulent activity may be taking place. If it recognizes possible fraud, it will call the phone number associated with your EFCU Visa® Credit Card, up to four times in 48 hours to determine the validity of the transaction. If you cannot be reached, it may freeze your card to protect you from possible fraud.

It is important that we have the most current information on file, so please alert us if your phone number has changed. Also, if you plan to travel, you may want to let us know so that we can recognize out of state transactions as vacation purchases. Please call 424-2621, option 5 if you have any questions about our Visa® Credit Card protection feature.

Lost or Stolen Visa®

To report your Visa® lost of stolen, please call 1-800-449-7728 immediately or if you are out of the county call collect 727-299-2449..

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