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Visa® Balance Transfer

Say goodbye to high rate credit cards with EFCU!  For a limited time, you can transfer the balances from your higher interest credit cards to an Evansville Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Card and receive 7.9% Annual Percentage Rate  for 12 months from the posting date of the transfer!* 

You could save yourself hundreds of dollars over time when you switch to an EFCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card. Plus, we don't charge any balance transfer fees. Call us today at 812.424.2621, option 5 to find out how easy it is to save!

*Transfers available to EFCU Platinum Visa Cards only.  Transfers post as a cash advance.  If payment is received late once during the promotional period, the rate will revert to the prevailing cash advance APR.  As of April 2008, the cash advance APR for EFCU Platinum Visa credit cards is 9.9%.  Existing EFCU balances are excluded from receiving this promotion.  Payments and credits will be applied to the promotional balance first.  Continue to make the minimum payment on any bills you receive during the transfer processing period in order to avoid past-due notices and charges.

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