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ID Theft Prevention


Evansville Federal Credit Union wishes to notify you of the following alert(s):


Phishing Alert

We've gotten phone calls from members who are receiving a fraudulent automated phone call that are advising them their credit or debit card has been compromised and asking them to enter their 16 digit card number.  This is fraud - we would never contact you to ask for your credit or debit card number.  If we suspect that a debit or credit card has been compromised, we will contact you, but not with an automated call and we would not ask you to give us your card number or any other financial information.  Please be cautious and never give out your personal or financial information to an unsolicited phone call, email and/or text.  For more info about how to prevent fraud, please visit our ID Theft page.


Email Fraud Alert

We've seen some spam emails that appear to be from EFCU and are asking you to open and run an attached file.  These emails are NOT from us.  Evansville Federal Credit Union will NEVER send emails or texts asking you to download and run a file or submit your personal and/or financial information.  Please do not open or run the file - it is spam.  For more information about how to prevent fraud, visit our ID Theft page. 


Wire Alert

The financial industry has recently encountered an increase in fraudulent wire transfer activity.  Some instances of fraud activity have occurred via telephone and fax communications where the fraudster has forwarded an unsuspecting consumer’s phone number to the fraudster’s phone number.  The fraudster then calls in or faxes in wire transfer requests and when the financial institution calls to confirm the information, the fraudster is answering the call, not the consumer. 

To protect you, Evansville Federal Credit Union may request additional verification information from phone and fax wire transfer requests.  To prevent a call forwarding service being set up on your phone number, contact your phone provider to find out how to have this service blocked or password protected.


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