How to write a check

When you get older you will probably open a checking account at your credit union. A checking account lets you write checks to pay for things, instead of using cash. Each time you write a check you are giving the credit union permission to take money from your account and pay it to the person or company you have written the check to. For example, the check below is a note from Xavier to Kid's Credit Union saying it's okay to take $8.50 from his account and give it to Midville Office Supply.

  1. Your name and address is printed on each check. Sometimes you can have your phone number printed also.
  2. Your credit union's name or logo is printed on each check.
  3. The date you wrote the check.
  4. To whom you wrote the check.
  5. The amount of the check.
  6. The amount again, this time in words instead of numbers. The cents are written as a fraction (50¢ = 50/100)
  7. Why you wrote the check (to pay for notebooks and pens)
  8. Don't forget your signature!