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Student Visa® Credit Card

We understand that credit cards often have a bad reputation, and with good reason.  If abused, credit cards can leave people deep in debt with high payments to make.  Knowing how to handle credit is essential.  That's why we've created the Student Visa® Credit Card from Evansville Federal Credit Union!

The EFCU Student Visa® Credit Card isn't an ordinary credit card; it's designed to give teens the tools they need to start on the path to financial responsibility:

  • Available for members aged 17 and older with a savings and checking account (16 year old members will be considered with a co-signer)
  • No Annual Fee
  • Annual Percentage Rate as low as 9.9%*
  • $300 Limit
  • Online Access 
  • Added protection  features from Visa® and EFCU

And, to get teens started, they will be required to come into an EFCU branch to talk to a Loan Officer about the card terms, the importance of using it responsibly, and how making timely payments can help establish a good credit rating. 

Help your teen get started on the right path to financial responsibility today with a Student Visa® Credit Card from EFCU!  Call today and speak to a loan officer at 812.424.2621, option 5.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on individual credit history.  EFCU Platinum Card APR is 9.9%.  Members who do not qualify for a Platinum Card may be issued a Classic Card with an APR of 15%.

Annual Percentage Rate (*APR) for Purchases Platinum A) 9.9%
Classic B) 15%

Other *APR's
Cash Advance *APR
Balance Transfer *APR
Penalty *APR
Platinum A) 9.9% Classic B) 15%
Platinum A) 9.9% Classic B) 15%
Variable Rate Information N/A
Grace Period for Repayment for the Balance of Purchases 25 Days
Method of Computing the Balance of Purchases Average Daily Balance (including new transactions)
Annual Fee N/A
Minimum Finance Charge N/A
Foreign Transaction Fee 1%
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