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Checking & Savings

CU Discover™

CU Discover Kids Club was created to help younger members learn all about money and savings:

  • Thrive by Five - an informative website with activities and tips designed to help preschoolers understand the concepts of spending and saving money.
  • The Coindexter Club - what do eight lively kids, one pig and a professor all have in common?  They make up The Coindexter Club and they all have an active role in teaching you about money.  CU Discover members 5-12 will get personalized newsletters from The Coindexter Club and access to Professor Coindexter's Attic, an interactive website offering fun activities that teach lessons about money.
  • Rewards - choose a prize from the treasure chest after each deposit made to your CU Discover Kids Club Account!
  • Smart Start Share Certificate - an excellent way to grow your savings, this share certificate comes with a low minimum deposit of $50.00 and additional unlimited deposits of at least $25.00.
  • EFCU Kids Page - play fun games, try our trivia challenge and even learn how to write a check!
  • Kids Calculator - find out how long it will take you to save up to buy what you want! 
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