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Visa Travel Cards

EFCU's Travel Cards are the easiest way to pay and manage all your travel related expenses.  EFCU travel cards are available for $4.00 each, are re-loadable*, and have the ability to be personalized!  Travel cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted** and are available up to $5000.

Register your Travel Card: Visa requires that you register your card to protect your rights if your Visa Travel Card is ever lost or stolen. By registering your card, you can also check your balance online anytime. Click here to register your card today!

*$2.00 fee to re-load with minimum re-load of $50 and maximum of $2000\day..

**$5.00 cash advance fee.  Cannot be used for internet lottery, gambling or any unlawful activity, See terms and conditions for a full list of restrictions.



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