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Overdraft Courtesy Pay

In addition to Overdraft Protection, EFCU also offers Overdraft Courtesy Pay, an added member service that protects your Choice Checking™ account when an inadvertent overdraft occurs.

Overdraft Courtesy Pay is a little different from Overdraft Protection, because it also protects you if an overdraft occurs and the funds aren't available in your savings account. If you have Overdraft Courtesy Pay, the check will be paid on your behalf. You will have to deposit the funds to cover the amount of the overdraft, plus a $25.00 fee, but your credit rating is protected and there is no embarrassment of a returned check.

Click here for a full copy of the Overdraft Courtesy Pay disclosure, or visit any branch.

Click here for the Overdraft Courtesy Pay Opt-in Form.  Just print, fill out, and mail, fax or bring it in to any branch.




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