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Checkout Dilemma:  Credit or Debit?

We've all done it.  You're out shopping, ready to use your debit card and the sales clerk asks "Credit or debit?"  It's a debit card, so you say, "Debit," right?  Not necessarily.

Some features are the same whether you pick credit or debit.  Both are withdrawn from you checking account and can be tracked using online banking or your monthly statement.  But there are important differences.


  • A transaction processed with your signature
  • Transaction is processed through credit card networks, giving you additional security offered by credit card companies, including Visa's Zero Liability protection and the streamlined dispute resolution


  • A transaction authorized by entering a PIN
  • Transaction is processed through the EFT network (no additional liability protection)
  • Ability to get cash back

Next time you're at the checkout, choose credit and benefit from the additional liability protection.  For more information about your EFCU debit card, contact us at 812.424.2621, option 5. 

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