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About EFCU

EST. 1961

Evansville Federal Credit Union was founded on September 12, 1961. Since then, a lot has changed. In 1961, the average income was $5,315, the average price of a new home was $12, 500, and the average price of a new car was $2,850. And, gas was $0.27 a gallon. Yep, $0.27 a gallon!
One thing hasn’t changed since 1961 – our dedication to serving our members. For 50 years, EFCU has been offering superior financial services with a member-oriented focus. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our member’s business and support, so thank you for choosing Evansville Federal Credit Union for your financial needs.   We look forward to continued growth and future opportunities, as well as many more years of working hard to help our members reach their financial goals.
We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2011. We'd like to recognize the founders of Evansville Federal Credit Union:  Miller E. Daniel, Hiram B. Fortner, George V. Gauer, James V. Hary, Fred Jackson, John J. LaRoy, Charles L. Oxley, Jack Trainum, William B. Walters, Jr., and Edwin H. Williams.  Thanks to the vision of these founders, the credit union is able to offer the products and services we do today.  We'd also like to recognize all past and present employees, board members and volunteers - we thank you for your dedication to EFCU!
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